Monday, March 2, 2009

Item! Dumb Frat Boy Yells at Iraqis!

It's important to note, as Dennis Perrin does (yes, I found the video at his blog), that this guy is a first-class asshat.

But I think what's most interesting about this video is that the dumb American frat boy soldier is totally out of his depth and probably knows it. His calling the Iraqi policemen "pussies" and "women" and his imploring them to go "kick some ass" and "go fuck someone up" just sound like the words of someone who's hiding their confusion and bewilderment under the facade of a macho, profane, bellowing tough-guy. This poor idiot has no idea what he's doing: it seems like he has no idea how to undestand the people among which he finds himself, no idea about the divisions and loyalties and antipathies in Iraq, no idea what his current objectives are, and no idea why he's there in the first place.

It's obvious the guy is completely ignorant about the country and its people. It's as obvious that he doesn't know what the larger purpose of Americans dying in Iraq might be (hence his railing at the policemen who "love to see Americans die for you") beyond "fucking people up." The whole clip offers a concrete example of how insane the whole operation in Iraq has been and continues to be: ill-defined, uncomprehending, inflexible, and most of all, mindless and criminal.

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